Bassingbourn’s Amy saddles up with army of family and friends to raise money for Macmillan

Amy with some of her army at the end of the 60-mile race.

Amy with some of her army at the end of the 60-mile race. - Credit: Archant

A Bassingbourn woman saddled up with her family and friends for a charity bike ride to raise money for Macmillan last week, but the 60-mile challenge didn’t quite go to plan.

The whole Amy's Army team.

The whole Amy's Army team. - Credit: Archant

Amy’s Army – a 29-strong team headed by Amy Dear – cycled the London to Cambridge bike ride on Sunday in memory of the loved ones they’d lost to cancer.

The 26-year-old was joined by her parents Berny and Ian, and a whole host of friends, and set off wearing their matching T-shirts donated by fellow cyclist and friend Claudio’s firm Bosch-Auto Service and Tuning Ltd.

The aim was to raise £1,000 from the ride, which ended in disaster for Amy’s parents after they crashed into each other.

Reflecting on how the challenge came about and the events of the day itself, Amy said: “After a conversation in a pub, my friend Claudio Segameglio and I decided that we would do this for Macmillan nurses after they supported my nan Bridget Shannon, who died four years ago, and helped all of my family through such a difficult time.

Amy, right with mum Berny and dad Ian.

Amy, right with mum Berny and dad Ian. - Credit: Archant

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“As we told more friends, we found that many of them had experienced similar situations. So Amy’s Army was born and were riding in honour of my nan Bridget, Don Coppen, Donato Segameglio and Bill Laws.

“The ride itself was so hard, and it was definitely worse when you knew where you were like when we reached Duxford.

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“We were near Newton and had about five miles to go when my parents crashed into each other. It was a bad collision – I was behind them at the time.

“Mum hurt her elbow, had a haematoma that swelled, and had cuts to her face.

Claudio Segameglio with Amy Dear, team leaders of Amy's Army for their bike ride.

Claudio Segameglio with Amy Dear, team leaders of Amy's Army for their bike ride. - Credit: Archant

“She couldn’t carry on and had to go to Addenbrooke’s Hospital with my dad where they said she had fractured elbow. Buut she is amazing, and got on with it.”

Teacher Amy had to carry on the race and when they reached the finish line at Midsummer Common in Cambridge there was a suprise picnic for the team organised by Claudio and wife Sharson.

Amy said finishing was a great experience, and they smashed their £1,000 target – with more than £3,000 raised.

“Now, everything from the waist down hurts!” she added.

“But having people with you helping you through this is amazing, and it’s a tribute to the nurse who helped my nan, and others who do such amazing work.”

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