Stunning snap causes stir online

Neill Phillips' amazing shot of clouds over Bassingbourn 

Neill Phillips' amazing shot of clouds over Bassingbourn - Credit: Neill Phillips

It's an amazing shot that has made many of us do a double take - and it's got everyone talking online. 

Neill Phillips, from Bassingbourn, snapped clouds above the village at 5pm on Wednesday.

Mum Judith posted it on the Royston Reporting Facebook Page and the smashing shot and evoked quite the reaction. 

Lots of people were commenting on what they thought the striking image looks like - from an Australian dust storm to the cyclone out of the Wizard Of Oz. Many people commented on how well Neill had done, and that it was amazing to see. 

The unpredictable weather is showcasing striking scenery and bizarre backdrops - a gift to photographers eager to capture what Mother Nature can do.

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