Bassingbourn Barracks to remain open

THE Ministry of Defence has confirmed that Bassingbourn Barracks will not close as part of the government’s defence review.

Despite initial reports in the national press the site, which is home to the Army Training Regiment, is expected to expand.

The MoD said steps were also being taken to accommodate army units returning from Germany in 2015.

However the nearby Waterbeach Barracks, north of Cambridge, will close by 2015.

Dr Liam Fox, the secretary of state for defence, said: “The defence of the United Kingdom, and wider military tasks, including the capacity to support the civil authorities in times of crisis, requires a strong military presence across the entire country.

“We have also considered the impact of changes on local communities.

“Finally, we have taken into account the need to make the maximum use of existing defence estate, and to dispose of that which is not required.”