Barkway villagers one step closer to securing green space

Villages want to get land near Windmill close registered as a village green. Land is owned by NHDC a

Villages want to get land near Windmill close registered as a village green. Land is owned by NHDC and is currently up for sale. Pictured are residents of Barkway protesting for the village green - Credit: Archant

VILLAGERS opposed to the sale of a piece of land are one step closer to securing it as green space.

North Herts District Council’s cabinet members agreed to engage in discussions with residents from Windmill Close, Barkway, and Barkway Parish Council to find out what options are available in keeping the council-owned land as open space rather than selling it off.

An application for village green status for the land to the rear of Windmill Close, which would afford the land protection against future development, has been accepted by Hertfordshire County Council for consideration.

Speaking after the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, resident Graham Swan said: “We are arranging for a meeting with residents and the parish council to look at our options.

“The councillors seem to be under the impression that we want swings and a slide and a sandpit in the pocket park, but actually all we want is for the land to be left alone and for it to be an open green space for all of us to use.

“We are not naive in thinking that no housing will be built in the village, but the green space is used by all of the residents here so we would like it to be left alone.”

At the meeting on Tuesday, questions were also raised over the maintenance of the land.

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Suggestions were made for Barkway Parish Council to adopt the land and maintain it.

Cllr Terry Hone said: “The piece of land cannot be sold off at this moment in time because of the application for village green status.

“The best thing would be to defer the application for a later date and establish what the villagers want to do with the land and how the land will be maintained.”