Barkway residents in fight for village green

Villages want to get land near Windmill close registered as a village green. Land is owned by NHDC a

Villages want to get land near Windmill close registered as a village green. Land is owned by NHDC and is currently up for sale. Pictured is Graham Swann, Laura Childs and Nick Dear on the village green - Credit: Archant

CAMPAIGNERS are continuing to seek village green status for a piece of land due be put on the market by a council, and are appealing for help to support their bid.

As revealed in the Crow earlier this year, a group of residents in Barkway are fighting to get the land, at Windmill Close in the village, made into a green.

It is currently owned by North Herts District Council, which is proposing to put the land on the market as it looks to dispose of a number of its assets.

Residents fear this may mean the area is developed for housing.

Nick Dear, one of those involved in the village green scheme, said: “An application for village green status for the land to the rear of Windmill Close has been accepted by Hertfordshire County Council as duly made and included into their system for consideration.

“The village green application is partly dependent on proof of use of the land by local residents as a communal and recreation area in excess of 20 years. The residents dealing with the application would still appreciate any details, photos showing the land being used for recreation or as green land to accompany and confirm our application.”

The district council’s cabinet resolved to put the land on the market at its meeting in March, subject to the agreement of the district council’s Royston Area Committee.

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Thirty five letters of objection were received by the council from those against the sale, while a petition was also handed in.

Mr Dear added: “The residents feel the report listed on the district council website has not given consideration to the objections and concerns raised by residents, both in a petition and letters of objection.”

Cllr Terry Hone, NHDC’s portfolio holder for finance, said: “The parish council had given support in 2010 to a proposal supporting development of part of the site allowing for an area to be kept for community use. This could be secured at no cost to residents or to the parish council by making it a condition of the sale.

“Since these sites were originally proposed, further consultation has taken place. Cabinet members, having noted the concerns raised by some members of the public, concluded that the site should be put forward for disposal.”

Anyone who has photos, or who would like to aid the village green bid can contact Graham Swann on 07850 087069 or email