Award for outstanding soldier

AN OUTSTANDING solider who is following in his father’s footsteps has won two awards after completing his army training.

Guardsman Tom Wallace picked up the Best Recruit and Best at Physical Training awards after finishing his Combat Infantryman’s course at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, North Yorkshire.

He said: “It was a proud moment when I was told I had won these awards. My dad, who was in the Grenadier Guards, is over the moon about it.”

The 23-year-old, from Royston, worked in a number of different jobs before deciding to join up as an infantryman.

“I had thought about joining the army for some time,” he said.

“I actually joined the Royal Engineers when I was 17, but that wasn’t for me at the time. Then I had a few injuries which prevented me from trying again.

“I’ve followed what the army were doing since I was a schoolboy, so it’s always been something I have wanted to be part of. By the time I did get back in, I had really prepared myself mentally and physically for Catterick. It’s the kind of soldiering I really wanted to do, perhaps that’s why I took to it straight away.”

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His platoon commander, Lieutenant Freddy Drummond-Brady, said: “Guardsman Wallace has been the stand-out performer in many areas of training, including shooting. He has displayed the core values of an infantryman to the highest of standards and these are well deserved awards.”

Guardsman Wallace will receive his awards at the pass out parade ceremony at the Infantry Training Centre tomorrow, Friday October 12.

He will then enjoy some well-earned leave before joining his new unit, the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, at their base in Aldershot.