Anger over changes to Royston bus service

Changes to a bus route will have a negative impact on Royston town centre according to a user of the service.

Since the beginning of October, the 127 bus from the Mordens to Royston no longer stops in the town centre by Morrisons, instead travelling to Royston bus station via Queen’s Road and Melbourn Road.

The change occurred when new operator with Cozy Travel took over from Charter’s Coaches.

Bassingbourn resident Hazel Lord started a petition to oppose the change, which she has now sent to Cambridgeshire County Council.

She said: “It’s gone back to the old route, which means if you want to go into Royston and use Morrisons you have to carry your shopping all the way up the hill to the bus station. For a lot of us this a real hardship.”

Mrs Lord, who is in her 80s, has also written to Royston’s town centre manager Geraint Burnell.

She said: “We’ve had two petitions going round, and I know a lot of people have written letters. It’s not just pensioners who use this bus, but also parents with young children who want to go into the town centre.

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“A lot of people are saying they will just go to Tesco instead of into Royston, because the bus stops right outside. This will be bad for Morrisons and bad for the town as a whole. I’ve had a letter back from the County Council saying they will take it up with the bus company, so hopefully we can get it changed back.”

The 127 service had been in doubt due to council cuts, but was secured earlier this year when Cozy Travel agreed to take over the route.

At the time Bassingbourn’s county councillor Linda Oliver described it as a “vital service”.

A spokesman for Cozy Travel has been unavailable for comment.