All eyes on controversial car club event

ALL eyes were on a controversial car club when it met in an industrial area on Sunday night.

Royston Modified has been criticised by business owners and residents who claim its events encourage dangerous driving and that rubbish is left strewn across Royston Industrial Area after meets, although police found no evidence of illegal activity when they patrolled the latest Modified Mayhem event.

A police spokesman said: “Police in Royston did have a presence during a car rally at the weekend. No offences were reported and we understand the next event is not due to occur until the beginning of October.

“Police are working with the council, Fire Brigade and the organisers to manage any potential concerns or issues.”

The patrol was part-funded by business partnership Royston First, and town manager Geraint Burnell also headed to Orchard Road to see first-hand what goes on at the club meets.

He told the Crow: “I will be testing the waters with the businesses later this week and notify any problems to Royston Modified.

“In the meantime the event will continue to be monitored by all the agencies involved in the Community Safety Partnership and we will continue to push for the organisers to recognise their responsibilities.

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“In an ideal world, we would find an alternative location where the club could meet without causing any offence ... the search goes on.”

The car club discouraged drifting – sliding with the back wheels locked up – or racing in the town and asked attendees to use bins for the “park and pose” event.

Organisers say they did not have any complaints from residents and are looking forward to building up the club.

Event organiser Sharon Bavister said: “We told everyone to behave and they did.

“We had a couple of business we were not able to park outside, which we dealt with quite well.

“We were trying to work with everyone from the start and now people are trying to work with us as well. Hopefully it will go to plan and we can get to where we want to be.”

The group then moved on to a second secret location – thought to have been about 15 miles away, but Mrs Bavister declined to comment about that part of the event.