Actor, presenter and comedian Tony Robinson films in Royston Cave for new TV show

Royston cave guide James Robinson in the cave with visitors

Royston cave guide James Robinson in the cave with visitors - Credit: Archant

Actor, comedian and historian Tony Robinson checked into Royston Cave to film a programme about ancient paths and trackways.

The programme will cover the Icknield Way which runs from Norfolk to Wiltshire and the cave is right on the junction of the Icknield Way and the Roman Ermine Street.

Tony is doing two other programmes - one on the Ridgeway and one other yet to be confirmed, which are due to be broadcast on Channel 4 in the autumn.

Cave manager James Robinson said: “Tony was very interested in the cave and its history. He was very friendly and personable and easy to work with. He is clearly very professional as more or less everything was shot without re-takes. The crew were also very good and everything went smoothly.”

The Cave has featured in quite a lot of programmes since 2008 and all the income goes towards conservation

The Cave, the Museum and local artist Liz Beardwell will also feature in a forthcoming episode of Flog It.

A few examples of previous programmes include Secrets of the Nazi Occult May 2016 (Channel 5) and Forbidden History with Jamie Theakston.