A-level results day 2018: Freman College, Buntingford

Freman College's Abby Mullord, Lizzy Cooney and Alex Gibbs. Picture: Freman

Freman College's Abby Mullord, Lizzy Cooney and Alex Gibbs. Picture: Freman - Credit: Archant

There were smiles aplenty as Freman College students in Buntingford received their A-level results this morning.

Freman's Joe Ganellin. Picture: Freman

Freman's Joe Ganellin. Picture: Freman - Credit: Archant

Headteacher Helen Loughran sent a statement, which was also released by a number of schools in East Herts.

It read: “Today is a very special day. Around 550 local young people received their exam results this morning and for those in Hertford, Ware and Buntingford, today’s A-level and BTEC scores will be life changing.

“Parents will have waited expectantly for weeks and this morning, on the day of reckoning, they see and hear their offspring celebrating their hard work.

“We have seen, normally cool and reserved young people crying this morning, because they put such a huge amount of effort into their sixth form courses. Be patient with them, smile with them and tolerate a little excess. Some celebrations may go on well into Friday!

Freman students Ben Spriggs, Davinder Gawera and Toby Emes. Picture: Freman

Freman students Ben Spriggs, Davinder Gawera and Toby Emes. Picture: Freman - Credit: Archant

“Our students took exams in a wide range of subjects in May and June. Most took the academic A-level subjects while others studied vocational courses in subjects such as applied science, business and ICT. Many will have combined academic and vocational courses to best suit their career plans.

“Some qualifications will lead to full-time employment and apprenticeships being taken up straight away. Hundreds of our young people will be taking their results to universities around the UK. The ubiquitous gap year will entice a number.

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“In this area of excellent schools students who have worked with their teachers have done really well, achieving the results necessary to move on to first class apprenticeships, good jobs and places at their chosen universities.

“Some are now upgrading their choices based on their results. Of course, there are a minority of young people disappointed by their results and the schools have been helping them consider alternatives.

Freman College's Emma Boulter. Picture: Freman

Freman College's Emma Boulter. Picture: Freman - Credit: Archant

“Teaching staff waited, almost as nervously as the students, to see the results of their work and many of them will be celebrating the students’ success as theirs, too. All our schools in the area Chauncy, Freman, Presdales, Richard Hale, Sele and Simon Balle have again met government targets for A-levels and the vocational courses we offer.

“The support we provide should mean that no 18-year-old is left without options.

“Most of our local schools have non teaching student managers who have helped, guided and encouraged the sixth formers though two difficult years. “They are continuing to offer their compassionate, practical advice this morning.”

Some of the school’s high flyers this year included:

Emma Boulter – A*s in art and photography and A in Psychology. Emma is going to Leeds to study fashion marketing.

Lizzy Cooney – A* in art and As in English Literature and history. Lizzy is going to Leeds to study history of art.

Ewan Fewell – A*s in maths and further maths, A in physics. Ewan is going to Nottingham to study maths.

Joe Ganellin – A*s in biology, chemistry and maths. Joe is going to Oxford to study biochemistry.

Owen Groves – A* in maths, As in economics and further maths. Owen is going to UCL to study economics.

Simon Keogh – A* in maths and As in biology and chemistry. Simon is going to study medicine at Birmingham.

Izack Scott – A* in physics, As in Chemistry and Maths. Izack is going to study integrated mechanics and electrical engineering at Bath.

Maria Snape – As in English literature, history and religious studies. Maria is going to study English at Nottingham.

Ben Spriggs – A*s in Mathematics, further mathematics and physics. Ben is going to study Mechanical Engineering at Leeds.

Tom Turner – A* in Business Studies, As in economics and history. Tom has already started a prestigious apprenticeship with Price Bailey.

James Watson – A*s in maths and physics and A in further maths. James is going to study Theoretical Physics at Birmingham.