�40k of expenses for Crow Country MPs

MPS for Royston and South Cambs claimed �41,908 worth of expenses in the past financial year.

Royston’s representative, Oliver Heald, received �21,552 and Andrew Lansley, South Cambs MP and health secretary, got �20,356 between last April and March.

Mr Heald claimed �538 for an iPad for parliamentary use and was also compensated for office supplies and �165 worth of food in parliament.

A new independent system replaced the previous expenses mechanism in April last year and Mr Heald praised its transparency.

He told the Crow: “I think people were shocked about what went on before and it is good that there has been a proper replacement with a new system that is transparent and it is all very clear.

“I don’t know if people know how transparent it is, but they can go online and have a look.”

The total cost to taxpayers for all of the country’s MPs was �16,757,39