Author AJ Campbell is releasing her latest book, after her self-published novels were snapped up by a publisher.

Mum-of-three AJ, who is originally from Royston but now lives in Stansted, self-published her first book Leave Well Alone in lockdown, which was followed by another five novels.


In July she signed a two-book deal with Bookouture, with one published on Monday, April 8 and the other on Wednesday, May 29.

Royston Crow: AJ Campbell with her new book 'My Perfect Marriage'AJ Campbell with her new book 'My Perfect Marriage' (Image: Christine Henderson)

The first of the new releases, My Perfect Marriage, is told from the perspective of a woman whose husband is accused of killing her best friend Lucy, at Lucy's own daughter's birthday party.

AJ has said that she draws inspiration for her novel from "ordinary people finding themselves in seemingly extraordinary situations".

All of AJ's books are available to buy on Amazon.

Royston Crow: 'My Perfect Marriage' by AJ Campbell'My Perfect Marriage' by AJ Campbell (Image: Bookouture)