The Green Party has selected Vicky Burt as its parliamentary candidate for North East Hertfordshire.

Vicky, who lives in Buntingford, is currently a district councillor for East Herts Council, as well as the owner of two businesses.

She explained that one of the driving forces of her campaign is ensuring there are more female voices within politics.

"All the suggestions for Green Party candidate were men and we feel that we need real change and more women within politics," Vicky said.

"In East Herts it’s been majority men - since the joint Lib Dem and Green administration it’s now 60 per cent women."

"The MP has been Sir Oliver Heald for 27 years. We need more diversity and a real change."

Vicky is also eager to tackle climate change, and to make sure green issues are raised in Parliament.

She said: "I’m really driven by the state of our environment. I’ve got three young children. The state of the world is just tragic to me.

"Disaster is all around us and the main parties are just doing nothing and making the situation worse.

"We are well aware we are not going to get into Government. We want more voices heard so that we can push the party that’s in Government to make the decisions needed.

"Climate change is getting worse. The more of us in Parliament we have a stronger voice to do that."

Vicky originally trained as a primary school teacher, then stopped to raise her children.

Since then she has started her own private tutoring business and has a pop-up restaurant with her husband, where they run events every month or so.

Vicky said: "I live in Buntingford and it’s really important to get to know other areas. I am a member of a small business group in Royston.


"I have been out and about in Baldock, Royston and Letchworth. I have been doing meet the candidate events in various cafés.

"People were saying they completely agree we need change.

"It was so heartening."

Sir Oliver Heald is not standing in the election, and Ruth Brown has been announced as the Lib Dem candidate.