Labour councillors in Royston are demanding action on a proposed banking hub for the town, which was first promised five months ago.

Royston Palace district councillors Chris Hinchliff and Cathy Brownjohn have written an open letter to Cash Access UK - an organisation made up of nine banks.

The letter explains that there have been no further updates on the promised banking hub, despite the imminent closure of the town's Lloyds branch in June this year.

Royston Crow: Cllr Chris Hinchliff and Cllr Cathy BrownjohnCllr Chris Hinchliff and Cllr Cathy Brownjohn (Image: Courtesy of Cllr Chris Hinchliff)

The councillors wrote: "As a town with a rapidly growing population convenient access to banking services is an essential requirement for the future of Royston.

"This is especially true for the many older residents in our town who still rely on cash in their day to day lives, and many of whom do their banking in-person.

"Without proper access to banking services many residents will struggle to participate in the life of our town, our high street will suffer, and our contribution to tackling climate change will be undermined as more people will have to drive further afield to access.

Explaining why they wrote the letter, Cllr Hinchliff said: "We are not prepared to see a situation where the town’s population continues to boom while the facilities and services available locally keep disappearing.

"A clear commitment to provide a banking hub was made and Cash Access UK need to honour it."

A spokesperson from Cash Access UK said: "Access to cash and everyday banking is vital for millions of people.

"At the point a banking hub recommendation is made, it typically takes around 12 months to open.

"The Royston Hub was recommended in September and the first objective is finding a suitable location that meets our requirements.


"This is always the biggest challenge and it’s proving to be difficult in Royston but we will continue to work hard to find a suitable location.

"Local knowledge is vital and we’re pleased to be speaking with the community to find a potential location for our permanent hub and also somewhere that could potentially host a temporary banking hub.

"We hope to provide an update in the coming months."