Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is enjoyed by residents across Hertfordshire and beyond.

However, finding the best place to eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday can prove difficult.


With that in mind, here's five great places to eat pancakes across the county.

1. Chilli B's, Hitchin

Royston Crow: Chilli B's in Bucklesbury, Hitchin.Chilli B's in Bucklesbury, Hitchin. (Image: Google Maps)

Chilli B's is a café and takeaway in Bucklesbury, Hitchin.

The eatery has a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor, and serves American pancakes on its breakfast menu.

One reviewer, with the username 'GregBthy' wrote: "The cooked breakfasts are sublime, the American pancakes are amazing and the sandwiches are to die for!"

2. Okka, Harpenden

Royston Crow: Okka, in Harpenden High Street.Okka, in Harpenden High Street. (Image: Google Maps)

Okka, in Harpenden, serves pancakes on its brunch and breakfast menus.

The restaurant has a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor, with 456 of 686 reviewers giving the restaurant all five stars.

'Evan I' commented: "Still the best brunch in Harpenden: ambiance, service, food, value; no wonder the queue often extends out the door.

"For something a bit different try the Menemen dishes or the American-style pancakes."

3. Bill's, St Albans

Buttermilk pancakes are offered for breakfast and brunch at Bill's, St Albans.

The restaurant has a four star rating on TripAdvisor, with 378 of Bill's 1,028 reviewers giving it top marks.

'802leroyh' said: "Brunch and pancakes were ridiculously top draw.

"You could taste the freshness, rich maple syrup and bacon."

4. Megan's, Welwyn Garden City

Royston Crow: Megan's, in Howardsgate, Welwyn Garden City.Megan's, in Howardsgate, Welwyn Garden City. (Image: Google Maps)

'Megan's in the Garden City' - the Welwyn Garden City branch of popular food chain Megan's - serves a chia and blueberry pancake stack for breakfast.

The restaurant has a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor.

'Smiff1980' wrote: "My daughter and I went for breakfast to celebrate her birthday and had a great experience.

"Easily the best breakfast we have had for a long time."

5. Moreno's Café, Royston

Royston Crow: Moreno's Café in Royston.Moreno's Café in Royston. (Image: Google Maps)

With a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor, Moreno's Café is a popular breakfast site in Royston.

Of the eatery's 92 reviewers, 51 have given it all five stars.

'Nathan R' commented: "This spot is a friendly family café for all the family.

"The service is great and really good food."