An array of unusual and eccentric historic objects will be competing for locals' vote to become the new Hertfordshire Museum Object of the Year 2024.

From 19th century French death masks to love tokens made from hooves and horns, these artifacts challenge the expected.

Chosen by staff and volunteers from local museums, each one imparts a unique view of Hertfordshire's history.

Twenty museums county-wide have entered the contest and while the public may be familiar with some of the items, many, due to limited exhibition space, are usually stored away.

Artifacts range widely, with past winners including wooden swans, a 1970's toy car and even the oldest toilet roll.

The reigning champion is a set of four wooden swans from Waltham Cross's High Street, currently displayed in the Lowewood Museum.

The winner will be announced on February 15 based on the votes, which can be cast on the Hertfordshire Association of Museums website until midnight, February 5.