Damage caused to a Royston school by Storm Henk is "truly shocking", according to a district councillor.

Cllr Matt Barnes visited King James Academy yesterday (Thursday, January 11) after last week's storm caused flooding to the main senior site teaching block.

"Considerable damage" to the roof and cladding was also sustained, with "major rebuilding or refurbishment" required, according to the school.

Year 11 students were able to return on Tuesday, but Years 7 to 10 are working at home for the remainder of the week.

Royston Crow: Extensive damage has been described by district councillor Matt Barnes.Extensive damage has been described by district councillor Matt Barnes. (Image: Courtesy of Cllr Matt Barnes)

Cllr Barnes praised the school's efforts to return pupils to their classrooms, and described the damage that the school has sustained.

He said: "I'd like to thank Ms Plowman for inviting me in to the school this week and to praise her continued efforts to manage the impact of the terrible storm damage.

"My thoughts are with the staff, parents and children as they deal with the emotional and logistical toll that this disruption presents.

"The situation on site is truly shocking, with extensive damage to buildings, interiors and electrical equipment.

Royston Crow: Considerable damage has been caused to King James Academy.Considerable damage has been caused to King James Academy. (Image: Google Street View)

"The problem is compounded by ongoing roof repairs to fix leaky classrooms on the junior site, which had already seen several classes relocated to temporary facilities.

"All of this underlines the need for renewed investment in our public buildings, to ensure that they are fit for purpose and resilient to adverse weather events like Storm Henk.

"It is clearly vital to get children back into classrooms that are safe and conducive to learning as quickly as possible.

"I have offered my support to our MP and county councillors in their efforts to find a solution. It was good to see Year 11 back and I hope that others will be able to follow soon."


The school's headteacher, Lisa Plowman, has thanked the community for their support.

She commented: "I would like to thank the local community, Friends of KJAR, parents/carers and others for their support over the last week.

"We have had many well-wishes, which have bolstered staff morale, and inevitably make a difference in the virtual or face to face classroom."