Royston author Jane Hind has written a book which takes the reader into an "unflinching, no-holds barred discussion of the depraved aspects of our human nature".

Humans in the Extreme examines the systems and processes which allow ordinary people to commit appalling acts of violence or stand by and do nothing to stop them.

Jane, a psychotherapist who writes under the name JA Hind, initially launched a career in nursing, and said that being able to make a difference in other people's lives "continues to be a major part" of her work in psychotherapy.

In addition to her therapy work, she has also lectured in counselling at Herts Regional College in Ware and facilitated training workshops for NHS staff and schools in Hertfordshire.

Her work has connected her with people from all walks of life, including working with victims of physical and/or sexual violence and offering psychotherapeutic support to ex-offenders of violence and sexual abuse to reduce the risk of them re-offending.

As Jane's encounters with perpetrators of violence increased, she was inspired to write her book and explore "our complex and somewhat dark" relationship with the extreme - moving beyond psychology to understand other factors that can sway the human condition.

She said: "By unpicking the origins and revelations of extreme, as it has unfolded through the passage of time, this book encourages each of us to question our own affiliation with the extreme and the fundamental ideologies of the world we have come to know. 

"It coaxes the reader into a thought-provoking discourse about our obsession with the extreme, the chiselling away of our humanity and the ultimate death of our conscience – if we don’t take heed now."

To write the book, Jane gathered information from scientists, biologists, historians and psychologists, aiming to cross the divide between science and human emotion and make a compelling and accessible read.

Since publication, Jane recently appeared at Royston's new independent bookshop Bow Books to discuss her work.

Humans in the Extreme: A gripping delve into the darkest recesses of our nature is available to buy from Amazon and other retailers.