Royston Arts Society is opening its 2023 Autumn Exhibition in the town hall next week.

The exhibition will be held at Royston Town Hall and features a wide variety of affordable art, all of which is available to purchase.

Royston Crow: 'Tranquility' by Karen Mangold'Tranquility' by Karen Mangold (Image: Karen Mangold)

This year 65 local artists, including arts society members and non-members, have contributed over 330 paintings - both framed and unframed - as well as a wide variety of greeting cards.

Part of the Royston Arts Festival, the exhibition has been taking place for more than 40 years to bring together artists and the local community.

Royston Crow: 'Girl in Poppy Field' by Simon Hodgson'Girl in Poppy Field' by Simon Hodgson (Image: Simon Hodgson)

The exhibition is once again sponsored by the Royston Town Mayor's Community Trust Fund and Johnson Matthey.

Richard Clayton, the society's chairman, said: he is "enthusiastic" about the prospects for this year's exhibition.


He said: "Last year, after an enforced break during the lockdown, we were concerned that both artists and the visiting public might be reluctant to return to social gatherings of this sort, but the 2022 event was more successful than we might have dared to hope and this year we've been able to build on that momentum.

Royston Crow: 'The Way Home' by Gina Ferrari'The Way Home' by Gina Ferrari (Image: Gina Ferrari)

"It's not just about the quality and quantity of the paintings being entered - though both are obviously very important - but we've also been delighted at the increased number of people volunteering their time as helpers during the exhibition.

"This is vital because without their support we simply couldn't put on a show."

Royston Crow: 'Hollyhocks 2' by Pamela Barrell'Hollyhocks 2' by Pamela Barrell (Image: Pamela Barrell)

This year the catalogue of paintings can be viewed in advance online, and the society has reinstated voting for the favourite artist at the exhibition - which was a popular feature at past exhibitions.

The exhibition catalogue can be viewed and downloaded from the Royston Arts Society website at

Royston Crow: 'Copper Kettle, Jug and Spoon' by John Jarratt'Copper Kettle, Jug and Spoon' by John Jarratt (Image: John Jarratt)

The Autumn Exhibition is free to attend and is open from 7.30pm to 9.30pm on Friday, September 29, from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, September 30, and from 10am to 5pm on Sunday, October 1.

Royston Arts Festival runs until October 1, with a range of music, art and family events held throughout the town.

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