Staff from Bourn Hall Clinic near Cambourne will appear at Cambridge Pride to bust myths around fertility for LGBT+ people.

Couples not in heterosexual relationships can have trouble getting expert fertility advice, so Bourn Hall will attend Cambridge Pride - which takes place at Jesus Green on June 17 - to offer support.

Dr Viji Babbur, fertility specialist at Bourn Hall Clinic, said: "Many LGBT+ people want to have children at some stage in their lives and know they need support to achieve that.

"Our concern is that they will go on the internet for advice and not talk to a health professional about their options."

Bourn Hall's fertility experts are particularly concerned that same-sex female couples still look for sperm donors online.


In addition to health and safety fears, the baby and its parents will not have proper legal protections.  

"Some lesbian couples or single women think the 'DIY' method at home with internet sourced sperm will be cheaper, but the human cost can be high," Dr Babbur said.

"Fertility treatment through a registered clinic ensures that donors have been screened and both mums become legal parents of the baby.” 

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