The former Royston Hospital site is under threat of closure, with plans to use the proceeds to enhance the existing health centre.

Royston Community Health (RCH) - a Community Interest Company - campaigned for seven years to make better use of the site. 

The group closed in 2021 as they were unable to meet people or campaign effectively during the pandemic.

During the campaign, plans were drawn up and paid for by the NHS to reuse the buildings for GP and other local health services - but ultimately never came to fruition. 

At the time, RCH said their aim was to "ensure everyone in Royston and the surrounding area has the best chances of optimal health and wellbeing throughout their lives, supported by local NHS facilities".

Now the group says Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care Board has a draft proposal to close the hospital site, sell it and use the money to enhance the 1970s health centre.

Maggie Allen, former chair of RCH, said: "Granta and Royston Health Centre are joining forces - they currently have two small buildings including the health centre.

"They would benefit from being located in one larger building. The health centre building is a small, land-locked site and in very poor condition.

"It has already been established that any extension would have to be built on stilts and would be very expensive."

The proposals state that funds raised would be available to extend the health centre - but RCH previously explored this and discovered that money raised from selling the hospital site would go towards a national fund.

Royston Crow: Cllr Tony Hunter, MP Sir Oliver Heald, RCH's Maggie Allen, Cllr Fiona Hill and Peter Franks of RCH met with then-health secretary Jeremy Hunt in 2017Cllr Tony Hunter, MP Sir Oliver Heald, RCH's Maggie Allen, Cllr Fiona Hill and Peter Franks of RCH met with then-health secretary Jeremy Hunt in 2017 (Image: Royston Community Health)

She added: "If Royston wanted to use any of it, they would have to apply for it like everyone else."

The last beds were removed in 2012, but the hospital still operates some outpatient services - including Royston and District Community Transport and physiotherapy - and these would have to leave and be relocated to the health centre. 

Maggie continued: "The ICB document indicates that public consultation will take place. It has not.

"Almost no one knows about this new development and the suggested date is either end of June or possibly April. 

"The people of Royston originally bought this hospital pre NHS. There are eight acres in total with four acres which could be used for a much needed care home.

"There is a huge benefit in reusing a sound building to provide local health services such as GP services, diagnostics, outpatients, physio."


The campaign to turn Royston Hospital into a health and social care hub for the town has received the backing of both Herts county councillor Fiona Hill and North East Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald.

An NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough spokesperson said: "We are committed to providing good quality healthcare services for the people of Royston and the surrounding areas.

"As an important element of our ongoing Estates Strategy and Operational Planning work, we are reviewing our NHS estate, including Royston Hospital, to consider how they meet the current and future needs of the local, growing population.

"As part of this work, we will continue to talk to local people and communities about the services they value most locally and how we can ensure local healthcare services meet their needs both now and in the future.

"No decision has been made about the future of any local NHS properties at this moment in time."