A Year 7 pupil invited the mayor of Cambridge and Peterborough on a bicycle tour to show him the unsafe connection between Melbourn and Royston.

Iris Bostanci, who attends Melbourn Village College, has been campaigning with the A10 Corridor Cycling Campaign since the age of five.

The campaigners are calling for a cycling and pedestrian bridge over the A505 roundabout into Royston, which would connect the two towns and complete the off-road 'Melbourn Greenway' - an existing cycling and walking path.

Iris and Mayor Nik Johnson were joined in Melbourn on Friday, September 30, by Iris's brother and dad, as well as CamCycle representative Josh Grantham and campaign chair Susan van de Ven.

Iris told the mayor: "As we have shown you the A10 is very dangerous for cyclists, especially children and families. And 2km further there is the A505 roundabout into Royston, which is even more dangerous.

"But with a bridge over the A505, the Melbourn Greenway would safely connect all the way to Royston.

"With this bridge, I could safely cycle to my judo in Royston every Saturday.

"Royston is our local town, and hundreds of families and schoolchildren just like me travel between Melbourn and Royston every day for things like school, sport and shopping. But because there is no cycle way and it is so unsafe, they are forced to do this by car.

"I’m sure many of these children and families would like to option of traveling in a fun, healthy and environmentally friendly way. That means cycling or walking!

"Many commuters could also use the bridge to get from Cambridgeshire to Royston and vice versa for work.

"The health and environmental benefits of the bridge would be huge for the community! People would also be able to save money on petrol."

Campaign chair and Melbourn county councillor Susan van de Ven said: "We want to thank the mayor for coming out to meet Iris. Cycling and walking have become more popular than ever, as practical, healthy and economical means of getting around."

The Greater Cambridge Partnership will be holding two Melbourn Greenway public engagement events.

These are from 4pm to 7pm on Monday, October 17, at Melbourn Hub and from 4pm to 7pm on Thursday, October 20, at Hauxton Centre.