People across Cambridgeshire will get the chance to have their say on a potential congestion charge in Cambridge and plans to bring major improvements to the bus network.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership's executive board agreed yesterday (September 28) to hold a consultation on plans to change the way people travel.

Earlier this month, the partnership revealed plans to introduce a ‘sustainable travel zone’ where drivers could face a £5 weekday charge between 7am and 7pm.

The charge was proposed to help fund an improved bus network in the city and wider area, including flat rates of £1 in the city and £2 outside, as well as more frequent services running longer in the day.

The GCP has committed to delivering the improvements to public transport before any potential congestion charge was implemented.

The authority has also proposed a number of exemptions and discounts to the congestion charge including for people on low incomes.

At a board meeting, members stressed the importance for people from different areas and backgrounds to take part.

Cllr Elisa Meschini, chair of the board, highlighted that no decision had been made on the wider scheme, and that no decision would be made until they have spoken to people through the consultation.

She said: This is very much a marathon, not a sprint, today we fire only the starting gun on a process of engagement on the scale of which this region has never seen.

“My first plea to all of you who are listening right now is, as we prepare to go out and engage, please get on this journey with us.”

She added: “If you’re concerned about some of the stuff we are proposing, talk to us about those concerns, we want to discuss those concerns, if you have questions, we want to answer them.

“We have not made up our mind where this scheme is going and we won’t before we have done that.”