Royston Town Party has formed a working agreement with the Conservative group at Royston Town Council, which they say will allow them to deliver their manifesto promises.

The party was formed in January this year, with Luke Haugh as leader and the tagline 'Royston at heart'. Former mayor Cllr Rob Inwood is Royston Town Party's policy and campaigns manager.

In a video released on Facebook on Sunday, Cllr Luke Haugh - who is town councillor for Meridian ward - said: "We're forming a working agreement, for the benefit of Royston, with the Conservative group.

"This will allow us to have a majority in council, and to push forward the manifesto that we've promised you.

"I believe this will really help us out, and over the next three-and-a-half years, thanks to this, we should really be able to deliver on our promises."

Cllr Mike Harrison, leader of the town council's Conservative group, said: "I think it's brilliant that we will now be working with the Royston Town Party.

"We wish to do what we can to help the businesses of our town and the people of our town."

Royston Town Party's manifesto includes investing in the promotion of the town's market, helping local businesses to grow and thrive, encouraging tourism, improving sustainability and making sure the required housing and infrastructure is in place.

The manifesto also outlined the party's plans for supporting young people and senior residents, with the aim of starting both a Royston Youth Council and a Royston Seniors Committee.

The working agreement has met with a negative response from those who oppose the Conservative government.

Carol Stanier, speaking on behalf of Royston Liberal Democrats, said: "We are sorry to learn that what was presented as a local, apolitical group working for Royston turns out just to be a front for Liz Truss' Tories.

"We believe that many people will feel that they have been conned by the claims of the Royston Town Party to be independent."

Cllr Haugh is now the leader of Royston Town Council, as the head of the majority party.

He said: "This does not mean Cllr Rob Inwood is going away. I have asked him to work with the officers and councillors to make sure we get our manifesto promises delivered."