It has been an extraordinary first day for newly elected Labour Mayor Dr Nik Johnson that was rounded off with a ‘clap for Nik’ by neighbours in his home village.

Celebrating the success of the Hinchingbrooke NHS children's doctor, villagers in Great Gransden turned out at 8pm to offer a rousing and supportive appreciation of his efforts.

In one of the biggest political shocks of the weekend, Dr Johnson became Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, displacing Conservative incumbent James Palmer.

“I’m still buzzing,” said Dr Johnson after a day that included interviews with both the BBC and Anglia TV.

“I’ve received hundreds of messages from people,” he said. “I’d just like to say thank you to everyone for their good wishes and support.

“All those who’ve helped me over the years. All those who campaigned for me in all weathers.

“To the Labour door steppers across the area. And of course, to everyone who voted for me. And those who put me down as their second choice, these votes were vital.”

He added: “Finally I’d like to thank my wife Donna, my three children and my parents.

“I was thrilled my mum Kath was able to be present at my big moment but sad that my dad didn’t live to see it. But he is always in my thoughts- this particular “political stuff” is for you dad!”

Earlier he had revealed that “it all started with a district council election in Eaton Ford , St Neots back in 2012 but I guess I never really believed it would come this far

“The credits are rolling and Journey is playing “Don’t stop believin’”

Dr Johnson added: “Thank you to everyone for messages, tweets, emails - there’s something in the 3Cs- compassion, cooperation and community.”

He said he was “very touched” to learn residents of his home village were planning a “clap for Nik’ to mark his win in the mayoral election.

He told them: “I really appreciate your good wishes! It means a lot.”

Dr Johnson said his campaign message of the 3Cs remained at the heart of his campaign - “I am very proud of how that message of compassion, cooperation and community has been appreciated, welcomed and discussed.”

He said the future of our county “had to have the 3Cs at the heart of our Covid-19 recovery”.