Christmas has come early for local mother-of-two Julie Cuccui.

Julie, 38, from Whaddon, is the latest recipient of a £500 grant which Royston's The Accountancy Practice awards each month.

Julie applied for funds to help her make the brave step of setting up her own cake making business, Cuccui Cakes, and was thrilled to be chosen for the fifth monthly grant.

“It took me many months to get the courage to apply for the grant," said Julie.

"I’d heard of all the other good causes that people were granted the award for, which was fantastic.

"And a little bit of me felt that this money could go on other things. But then I thought, I do fit the criteria. So let me try. Let me go for it. If I get it. Brilliant.

"And I am so happy! So for anyone who’s hesitating like I was, I would say, go for it.

"Getting the award has been exactly what I need right now. It’s definitely a massive, massive booster, both in confidence and financially as well."

Julie added: "I've been baking for over 10 years, and it started off as a hobby, and its grown into a passion. I love baking.

"And getting this grant has been great because it's given me the opportunity to make that hobby dream into a reality.

"When I got the phone call I was like, 'oh, my God, this is happening. This is really happening'.

"And immediately I set up my social media pages for Cuccui Cakes, sorted out an email address ( and am working on a website.”

The Accountancy Practice in High Street, Royston, has also announced that its December grant is going to be five £100 vouchers, so that more people can benefit from the funds the family business is donating to people in the local community.

Nominations are being sought via email and also on The Accountancy Practice’s Facebook page.

If you know of anyone who could really benefit from funds to set up or develop a business or community organisation, or want to nominate someone for the £100 Christmas grants, email or visit the website