An exciting archaeological discovery has been made near Royston - with the BBC reporting that a 13-year-old girl with a metal detector unearthed potential buried treasure.

The artefacts include axe fragments dating back as far as 1300 BC.

Royston Crow: A Bronze Age hoard containing around 200 items was discovered on land near RoystonA Bronze Age hoard containing around 200 items was discovered on land near Royston (Image: Cambridgeshire County Council)

Cllr Lorna Dupré, chair of the environment and green investment committee for Cambridgeshire County Council, said: "We can confirm that what we believe to be two Bronze Age hoards containing around 200 items have been found on land near to Royston.

"These are being treated as two separate but related potential treasure cases as defined by the Treasure Act 1996.

"Included are a variety of incomplete artefacts such as socketed axe heads, winged axe heads, cake ingots and blade fragments, all of which are made of copper-alloy.

“The find was reported to county council archaeologists who subsequently worked with Oxford Archaeology East to ensure full and proper recovery of the hoards. The items now await further study, after which a report will be submitted to the coroner.

"If what has been found is declared treasure by the coroner and if a museum wishes to acquire the hoard, then the finder and landowner will be eligible to claim a reward.

"The value of this will determined by the Secretary of State, as advised by the independent Treasure Valuation Committee.

"This is of course a very exciting discovery, but we are unable to say anything further until investigations have concluded."

The exact location of the find is being kept under wraps, to ensure the site remains intact.