At its latest full council meeting, Royston Town Council declared a climate and biodiversity emergency.

Following the meeting on June 20, the council will assess and take steps to reduce its own impact on the environment and climate change.

It will also embark on a programme of communication and education, working with relevant groups in the town and surrounding area to achieve change across Royston.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group Cllr Carol Stanier, who is deputy leader of the town council and chair of Royston Environmental Group, proposed the action.

She said: ”I was motivated to become a councillor to improve the town and to make sure that the world my children grow up in is a good one. The environment and building a sustainable future is close to my heart.

"I am proud to have proposed Royston Town Council’s climate emergency and pleased that the rest of the council supported me on this important topic for us all.”

As part of the measure, which was heartily endorsed by other council members, the council has sworn to bear in mind the climate and biodiversity emergency in everything that it does.

Cllr Emma Squire-Smith said of the climate crisis: “In recent years I have been cognisant of trying to do what I can as an individual, this is something we can all do.

"Our government is not doing enough, the international community is not doing enough, we must do what we can - we can’t wait.”

Cllr Ruth Brown said "With issues such as the cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine affecting us personally on a daily basis, it is easy to forget that the biggest threat facing humanity is climate change.

"In May 2019 North Herts Council declared a climate emergency and since then has started a programme of action, such as installing solar panels, planting trees and using lower emission vehicles, to reduce its carbon footprint.

"By declaring a climate emergency, we ensure that this is in the forefront of our thinking in all our decision making. It is important that we lead our community by working with other councils and local organisations to take action on climate change."