�1.2m paid out by Herts Police in personal injury claims

PERSONAL injury claims and legal fees totalling �1.2m over five years have been paid by Hertfordshire Constabulary to staff, the second largest amount in the country.

Including a pay out of �550,000 - the highest pay out in England and Wales - to a civilian police employee who slipped on ice in a car park breaking an elbow, which led to chronic pain syndrome.

Royston’s MP, Oliver Heald, said: “I have the highest admiration for the police and the work they do and if an officer is injured while on duty it’s only right for them to compensated properly.

“When it’s made in a situation which is more arguable the police need to make sure they are compensating people where it is needed and not paying more than is necessary and make sure payments are in line with other forces.”

Nationally �12m was forked out by forces and pressure group The Taxpayers Alliance have labelled the payments “bonkers”.

Hertfordshire Constabulary does not disclose details on individual cases but a spokesman said Hertfordshire Police Authority “attempts to learn from accidents where appropriate” to “Maintain and enhance good Health and Safety practices”.