When did it change?

Having lived in Royston for 10 years now I have seen the town change a lot.

There is the demise of the cinema/lido, and the demise of the town centre, although I’m pleased we do have some new shops coming now, and the ever-decreasing hours of our ridiculously oversized police station.

But one thing has me puzzled and that is when the cinema/lido/Indian restaurant were forced to close it was, we were told, to create housing for locals.

Indeed, the expensive blue hoarding still proclaims this proudly on all sides.

So when exactly, and by who, did the plans change to become yet another overpriced retirement complex?

And where are the affordable homes for locals now to be built?

Perhaps convert half the police station into flats – at least it would be a building put to some use then!

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C Williams

Newmarket Road, Royston