Matt’s View: Why I’ve had enough of Royal baby mania

Journalism is a career I would highly recommend to anyone, but there are certain roles that don’t really appeal to me.

Journalism is a career I would highly recommend to anyone, but there are certain roles that don’t really appeal to me.

Working on a niche trade magazine, the kind that appear in the final round of Have I Got News For You, can’t be much fun, though trying to find material to fill Tunnels and Tunnelling, or Parking News (both titles actually exist, by the way) every week must be a challenge.

Royal correspondent is another position I’ve never lusted after, as I imagine it’s too boring for words.

Peter Hunt currently has the gig at the BBC, and it must be very frustrating for him when his colleagues are off out to cover real news and he has to go and watch the Queen shaking hands with some foreign dignitaries or opening a new factory.

However, this week must have been an unusually busy one for Mr Hunt and his counterparts, with the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a second child.

Congratulations to Kate and William, it’s great for them that they are going to have a little brother or sister for Prince George.

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But does this event really merit the blanket coverage it’s received in the press this week? Some of the analysis and comment pieces I’ve seen have been so ridiculous that they could have been pulled straight from The Onion or one of the other parody news websites.

There has been the effect the royal baby will have on the Scottish independence referendum – apparently the boost it will given to British morale could encourage a ‘no’ vote – a look at Kate’s morning sickness (pregnant woman has morning sickness shock!) and a long discussion about whether a two-year gap between children is ideal (the verdict: maybe).

And that’s without even taking into account anything published by the Daily Mail or the Express, the two newspapers where royal baby fever is at its most rampant.

I also really don’t care which notable public figures have tweeted their banal congratulations to the royal couple – the Prime Minister, Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg et al are hardly likely to describe the news as a national disaster, are they?

According to the BBC, Earl Spencer said: “I have never known a period of news where things have looked so dark and bleak around the world and to have this pop up is just fantastic.”

As if the birth of a child will somehow mitigate the awful stuff going on in the Middle East or Ukraine in people’s minds.

Apparently the Duchess is less than 12 weeks into her pregnancy, which means we have at least six more months of this nonsense to endure. I can’t wait.