Flexible working: how to increase your productivity without compromising on your lifestyle 

The drawing room at Workway Solution's Upton House in Royston, available for people to work away from home and the office.

Workway Solutions provide modern technology and facilities to help increase productivity at work. - Credit: Workway Solutions

Are you getting distracted working from home but don’t want to go back to a long office commute? 

For many, working from home has been a refreshing change to the pre-pandemic five-day week in the office, but it doesn’t always provide the peace and quiet or facilities that are conducive to a productive day’s work. 

Rupert Findlay, founder of Workway Solutions, based in family-owned Upton House in Royston, explains how their flexible working spaces can increase productivity and help workers gain quality time back.

Upton House in Royston is ideal for professionals and businesses to work away from home without a commuting to the office. 

Upton House in Royston is ideal for professionals, businesses and creatives to work away from the distractions and noise at home without a long commute to the office. - Credit: Workway Solutions

Q: Why do you think that a flexible working space is what people need moving forward? 

“Many of us have become accustomed to working from home and frankly, the thought of returning to long days in the office and less time with family and friends is not an appealing one,” Rupert says. 

“It’s about employee happiness, that’s the priority,” he continues. “The pandemic has proven we can still work just as well, if not better, away from the office, and so regional hubs are becoming the centre of multinational businesses now.” 

Since the easing of lockdown regulations, there’s been an increase in demand for co-working spaces in commuter towns like Royston as people seek a better work-life balance. Workway Solutions facilitate this convenient hybrid of working from home and being in the office, with modern technology and facilities that create a productive environment that’s easy to get to.

Workway Solution's zoom pods at Upton House in Royston to create individual working space for people to work away from home.

Workway Solutions offer a variety of flexible plans to suit your working needs from a half-day through to a full working week. - Credit: Workway Solutions

“We like to think of it as a ‘third space’,” Rupert explains. “There are a variety of different spaces in the building available for flexible working from four-hour sessions, right through to a full working week. This is something that is unique in the co-working industry which we have developed from customer feedback and reviewing customer's revised work habits.” 

This type of working routine allows for individuals to maintain a good quality of life. “The flexibility of our plans allows for people to revolve their work schedule around their lifestyle and things they enjoy doing like gym sessions, dinners with friends and family time at home,” Rupert says.

Meeting rooms in flexible working space for businesses and professionals at Workway Solution's Upton House in Royston

Meeting rooms can be booked for business meetings or groups of employees to work on projects in a more comfortable environment outside of the office. - Credit: Workway Solutions

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Q: What facilities do you offer at Workway Solutions? 

“We have singular desks, meeting rooms and pods, so we can accommodate for any scale or requirement of space,” Rupert says. The office is open plan throughout the different rooms, with private spaces available too. “There is an app we provide which grants door access into the building and the ability to book meeting rooms whenever you need them,” Rupert adds. 

Located in a restored period building, Upton House boasts high ceilings with an abundance of natural light, as well as an array of useful amenities. “Free Nespresso tea and coffee are available from the machine as part of the package for each professional who hires a working space with us, and there is a state-of-the-art kitchen to use,” Rupert explains.

Events space is available to hire at Workway Solution's Upton House in Royston for business conferences and networking events

You can hire events space for business conferences and networking events with a lunch menu provided so you can make the most out of meeting with your team. - Credit: Workway Solutions

Q: What kind of working spaces do you offer for professionals? 

There are various ways the working spaces at Workway Solutions can accommodate your professional needs: 

  • Individual work space – They provide lots of singular hotdesk spaces and pods for those looking to get away from the distractions at home and utilise the facilities and technology on offer. This can be arranged on a purely flexible basis as and when the user requires it. 

  • Designated work space – Sections of the space can be reserved on a regular basis for companies or small businesses. This is ideal for local businesses who have closed their original office over lockdown and don’t want to tie themselves down with a new lease, or who are wanting to spread their resources across different spaces without moving the entire company. They may still require a certain amount of space for an overflow of employees who can’t or don’t want to work from home. 

  • Board meetings and events – Workway Solutions are working on creating food and drink menus for creative meetings and lunches that can be utilised by the wider business community. This is suitable for external companies wanting to hire a space to host an event or create opportunities to bring their employees together to mingle and discuss ideas.

To book a free tour or to find out more about the flexible working space available at Upton House, visit workway-upton.com. For enquiries, contact rupert@workway-upton.com or 01763295290.