Fly-tippers beware - someone may be watching

Fly-tippers are warned that it could cost them dear.

PEOPLE who fly-tip at recycling sites in North Herts could be hit with a fine of up to �50,000.

That warning comes from the district council whose waste management and enforcement teams will be staffing recycling sites from Saturday to combat the persistent issue of fly-tipping.

It costs the council around �15,000 each year to clear up fly-tipped rubbish and dumped recyclables from around the banks of recycling sites.

Items left next to the banks cannot be recycled as these are cleaned away by council street cleansing team, not by the recycling companies servicing the sites.

By having a visible presence at the recycling sites, this latest initiative by the council is aimed at discouraging the small minority of people who misuse the sites, by leaving bags of recyclables and other materials next to the banks rather than placing them inside.

People who are witnessed dumping rubbish will be prosecuted and could face a fine of up to �50,000, says the council.

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The sight of rubbish dumped next to banks also deteriorates the quality of the local environment and gives the impression that the banks are full when they are not.

Council leader Lynda Needham said: “The vast majority of residents value the convenience of the recycling sites and use them properly, but a small minority think it is ok to fly-tip.

“Fly tipping will not be tolerated and anyone found dumping rubbish at the banks of the sites may be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act.”