Crow Anniversaries March 2 - 8

FRIDAY MARCH 2 1882 An attempt was made to assassinate Queen Victoria at Windsor. 1958 West Indies batsman Gary Sobers scored 365 against Pakistan. Births: Bedrich Smetana, Czech composer, 1824; Cardinal Basil Hume, Archbishop of Westminster


1882 An attempt was made to assassinate Queen Victoria at Windsor.

1958 West Indies batsman Gary Sobers scored 365 against Pakistan.

Births: Bedrich Smetana, Czech composer, 1824; Cardinal Basil Hume, Archbishop of Westminster, 1923; Karen Carpenter, of The Carpenters, 1950.

Deaths: John Wesley, creator of the Methodist Church, 1791; D H Lawrence, author of Lady Chatterley's Lover, 1930; Howard Carter, the Egyptologist who discovered Tutankhamen's tomb, 1939; Dusty Springfield, singer, 1999; John Diamond, broadcaster, 2001.

Today's birthdays: Mikhail Gorbachev, ex- Soviet president, 76; Tom Wolfe, author of Bonfire of the Vanities, 76; Lou Reed, singer-songwriter, 65; JPR Williams, Wales Rugby Union legend, 58; Ian Woosnam, Ryder Cup captain, 49; Jon Bon Jovi, singer, 45; Andrew Strauss, England Test batsman, 30.

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1875 First performance of Bizet's opera Carmen, in Paris.

1931 The Star-Spangled Banner was adopted as the US national anthem.

1933 King Kong opened in New York

1985 Miners voted to return to work after a year-long dispute.

Births: Alexander Graham Bell, inventor, 1847; Sir Henry Wood, conductor and creator of The Proms, 1869; Jean Harlow, Hollywood actress, 1911.

Deaths: Lou Costello, part of Abbott and Costello, 1959; Danny Kaye, entertainer, 1987.

Today's birthday's: Peter O'Sullevan, ex-horse racing commentator, 87; Jennifer Warnes, singer, 60; Miranda Richardson, actress, 49; Fatima Whitbread, British Olympic javelin thrower, 46; Ronan Keating, singer-songwriter, 30.


1861 Abraham Lincoln became the 16th US President.

1890 Official opening of the Forth Railway Bridge.

1968 Tennis authorities voted to admit professional players to Wimbledon.

1974 Edward Heath resigned as Prime Minister.

Births: Antonio Vivaldi, composer, 1678; Jim Clark, ex-Grand Prix world champion, 1936.

Deaths: Noel Gay, creator of Me and My Girl and The Lambeth Walk, 1954.

Today's birthday's: Patrick Moore, astronomer and broadcaster, 84; Harvey Goldsmith, concert promoter, 61; Shakin' Stevens, singer-songwriter, 59; Kenny Dalglish, ex-Liverpool soccer star, 56; Patsy Kensit, actress, 39.


1936 First test flight of the Spitfire.

1969 Ronnie and Reggie Kray jailed for life after being convicted of murder.

Births: William Henry Beveridge, pioneer of the Welfare State, 1879; Rex Harrison, actor, 1908.

Deaths: Joseph Stalin, Soviet dictator, 1953; Patsy Cline, country singer, 1963; Lord Denning, the Master of the Rolls, 1999.


1926 The Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford burned down.

1987 More than 180 passengers died when the cross-channel ferry The Herald of Free Enterprise capsized while leaving port in Zebrugge.

1991 Dr George Carey was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.

Births: Michelangelo, artist who painted the Sistine Chapel, 1475; Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poet, 1806; Nicholas Rimsky-Korsakov, Russian composer, 1844; Frankie Howerd, comedian, 1917.

Deaths: Davy Crockett, hero of the Battle of Alamo, 1836; Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women, 1888; Ivor Novello, composer and actor, 1951; George Formby, entertainer, 1961; Simon Caddell, from Hi-De-Hi, 1996; Tommy Vance, BBC Radio 1 disc jockey, 2005.

Today's birthdays: Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, author, 79; John Noakes, ex-Blue Peter presenter, 73; Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, opera singer, 63; Mary Wilson, once of The Supremes, 63; Dave Gilmour, from Pink Floyd, 61; Kiki Dee, singer, 60.


1912 First non-stop flight from Paris to London by French aviator Henri Seimet.

1946 The British Medical Association set up £1 million campaign to oppose the introduction of the National Health Service.

1969 The Victoria Line opened on the London Underground.

Births: Edwin Landseer, creator of the Trafalgar Square lions, 1802.

Deaths: Stanley Kubrick, director of Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket, 1999.


1995 Keith Fletcher was sacked as manager of the England cricket team and replaced by Ray Illingworth.

1991 Last broadcaster of ITN's News at Ten.

Births: Kenneth Grahame, author of The Wind in the Willows, 1859.

Deaths: William Howard Taft, US President, 1930; Harold Lloyd, silent movie comedian, 1971; Joe Di Maggio, New York Yankees baseball legend, 2001; Adam Faith, singer-songwriter, 2003.

Today's birthday: Douglas Hurd, ex-Foreign Secretary, 77; Michael Grade, television executive, 64; Lynn Redgrave, actress, 64; Mickey Dolenz, once of The Monkees, 62; David Wilkie, British Olympic swimming champion, 53; Cheryl Baker, once of Bucks Fizz, 53.