Crow anniversaries June 1 – 7

FRIDAY JUNE 1 1910 Captain Robert Falcon Scott set out in his journey to the South Pole. 1936 The liner Queen Mary arrived in New York after her maiden voyage. 1959 First broadcast of Juke Box Jury. 1967 The Beatles released Sgt Pepper s Lonely Hea


1910 Captain Robert Falcon Scott set out in his journey to the South Pole.

1936 The liner Queen Mary arrived in New York after her maiden voyage.

1959 First broadcast of Juke Box Jury.

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1967 The Beatles released Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

1983 Lester Piggott won a record ninth Derby.

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Deaths: Leslie Howard, actor, 1943.

Today's birthday: Edward Woodward, actor, 77; Gerald Scarfe, caricaturist, 71; Morgan Freeman, actor, 70; Robert Powell, actor, 63; Jason Donovan, actor and ex-pop star, 38; Justine Henin-Hardenne, Belgian tennis player, 25.


1868 First meeting of the TUC, in Manchester.

1941 Clothes rationing was introduced.

1953 The Coronation of Elizabeth II took place in Westminster Abbey.

1985 Uefa banned English clubs playing in Europe in the wake of the Heysel Stadium tragedy.

Deaths: Bruce McLaren, ex-motor racing driver, 1970; Rex Harrison, actor, 1990.

Today's birthdays: Charlie Watts, of the Rolling Stones, 66; Mark Lawrenson, from Match of the Day, 50; Mark Waugh, Australian Test cricketer, 42; Steve Waugh, Australian Test cricketer, 42; Jon Culshaw, impressionist, 39.


1899 The legendary W G Grace played his last Test match, against Australia at Nottingham.

1937 The Duke of Windsor married American divorcee Mrs Simpson.

1975 Brazilian star Pele signed a three-year contract with New York Cosmos.

Deaths: Georges Bizet, composer of Carmen, 1875; Franz Kafka, author, 1924; Arthur Ransome, author of Swallows and Amazons, 1967; Robert Morley, actor, 1991; Dilys Powell, movie critic, 1995.

Today's birthdays: Tony Curtis, actor, 82; Penelope Wilton, actress, 60; Suzi Quatro, singer-songwriter, 57; Deniece Williams, singer, 56.


1805 First Trooping of the Colour took place.

1913 Suffragette Emily Davidson threw herself under the King's horse in the Derby.

1940 The evacuation of Dunkirk was completed.

1964 Geoff Boycott made his Test cricket debut, against Australia at Trent Bridge.

1989 More than 100 people were killed during a non-violent protest in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

Deaths: Kaiser Wilhelm II, German Emperor, 1914; Ronnie Lane, of the Small Faces, 1997.

Today's birthdays: Geoffrey Palmer, actor for As Time Goes By, 80; Bob Champion, jockey, 59; Angelina Jolie, actress, 32; Russell Brand, stand-up comedian, 32.


1967 The Six Day War began in the Middle East.

1968 Robert Kennedy was shot while campaigning for the Democrat nomination in the US Presidential race.

1997 The Globe Theatre - a replica of the theatre in Shakespeare's time - opened.

Deaths: Earl Horatio Herbert Kitchener, Secretary of War, 1916; Conway Twitty, singer, 1993; Ronald Reagan, US President, 2004.

<Today's birthdays: Margaret Drabble, novelist, 68; David Hare, playwright, 60; Ken Follett, author, 58; Mark Wahlberg, actor, 36.


1936 Gatwick airport was opened.

1979 The Derby celebrated its 200th anniversary with Willie Carson winning on Troy.

1944 Allied troops landed in Normandy at the start of D-Day operations.

Deaths: Robert Kennedy, brother of JFK, 1968; J Paul Getty, tycoon oil magnate, 1976; Anne Bancroft, actress, 2005.

Today's birthdays: Billie Whitelaw, actress, 75; David Blunkett, ex-Home Secretary, 60; Bjorn Borg, Wimbledon men-singles champion, 51; Mike Gatting, ex-England Test cricket captain, 50.


1906 The Lusitania was launched in Glasgow.

1929 The Vatican became an independent sovereign state.

1946 The BBC reopened its television service after being closed during the war.

1962 First showing of Steptoe and Son.

1982 Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion opened to the public.

1995 A blaze badly damaged Southend Pier.

Deaths: Jean Harlow, Hollywood actress,1937; Dorothy Parker, author and critic, 1967; E M Forster, author, 1970; Dennis Potter, screenwriter of The Singing Detective, 1944; Max Factor, cosmetics company executive, 1996.

Today's birthdays: James Ivory, director of A Room With a View, 79; Ian St John, ex-Liverpool soccer star, 69; Tom Jones, singer, 67; Liam Neeson, actor, 55; Damien Hirst, controversial artist, 42; Anna Kournikova, tennis player, 26.

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