Crow Anniversaries June 8-14

FRIDAY JUNE 8 1991 Libraries in Lincolnshire banned Billy Bunter books. 1996 Alex Greaves became the first woman to ride in the Derby. 1999 MP Jonathan Aitken jailed for 18 months for perjury and conspiring to pervert the course of justice. Deat


1991 Libraries in Lincolnshire banned Billy Bunter books.

1996 Alex Greaves became the first woman to ride in the Derby.

1999 MP Jonathan Aitken jailed for 18 months for perjury and conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Deaths: Andrew Jackson, US President, 1845; George Mallory, mountaineer, 1924; Russell Harty, chat show host, 1988.

Today's birthdays: Ray Illingworth, ex-England Test cricket captain, 75; Nancy Sinatra, singer and daughter of Frank Sinatra, 67; Colin Baker, ex-Dr Who, 64; Bonnie Tyler, singer-songwriter, 54; Lindsay Davenport, American tennis player, 31.

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1920 George V opened the Imperial War Museum.

1934 First appearance of Donald Duck, in The Wise Little Hen.

1975 First radio broadcast of proceedings from the House of Commons.

1982 The 20pence coin went into circulation.

1983 Margaret Thatcher won a landslide second term for the Conservatives.

1988 Mike Gatting was sacked as England Test cricket captain.

Deaths: Charles Dickens, novelist, 1870; Lord Beverbrook, newspaper tycoon and owner of the Daily Express, 1964; Dame Sybil Thorndyke, actress, 1976.

Today's birthdays: Patricia Cornwell, crime novelist, 51; Michael J Fox, actor, 46; Johnny Depp, actor, 44; Natalie Portman, actress, 26.


1829 First University Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge.

1967 The Six Day War came to an end.

1967 Royal premiere of James Bond's You Only Live Twice.

2000 The Millennium Bridge opened from St Paul's Cathedral to the Tate Modern.

Deaths: Frederick Delius, composer, 1961; Spencer Tracy, actor, 1967; Les Dawson, comedian, 1993; Brian Statham, England Test cricket pace bowler, 2000; Ray Charles, singer-songwriter, 2004.

Today's birthdays: Elizabeth Hurley, model and actress, 42.


1509 Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon.

1952 Cricket legend Denis Compton scored his 100th century.

1959 The hovercraft was officially launched.

1964 Nelson Mandela and seven others were jailed for life for acts of sabotage in Pretoria.

Today's birthdays: Gene Wilder, actor, 74; Jackie Stewart, ex-world motor racing champion, 68; Hugh Laurie, comedian, 48; Caroline Quentin, from Men Behaving Badly, 46.


1921 Sunday postal collection and delivery came to an end.

1937 Joseph Stalin ordered the execution of eight of his generals.

1963 Premiere of Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, in New York.

1972 The South Broadcasting Act was passed, providing for 21 new commercial radio stations.

1986 Liverpool City Council deputy leader Derek Hatton was expelled from the Labour party for membership of Militant Tendancy.

1987 Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister for the third time.

Deaths: Billy Butlin, holiday camp pioneer, 1980; Marie Rambert, ballet dancer and teacher, 1982; Gregory Peck, Hollywood actor, 2003.

Today's birthdays: George Bush, ex-US President, 83; Pat Jennings, ex-Spurs and Arsenal goalkeeper, 62; Gwen Torrance, ex-US Olympic sprint champion, 42.


1893 First women's British Golf Championship took place, at Royal Lytham and St Anne's.

1917 German aircraft carried out a bombing raid on London.

1941 First V1 doodlebug landed in Britain.

1956 First European Cup Final won by Real Madrid.

1995 France announced it would resume nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll in French Polynesia.

1999 One-time Eurovision Song Contest winner Dana Scallon became an Irish Euro MP.

Deaths: Benny Goodman, known as The King of Swing, 1986; Reg Smyth, creator of cartoon character Andy Capp, 1998; Charles Haughey, ex-Irish Prime Minister, 2006.

Today's birthdays: Malcolm McDowell, actor, 64; Simon Callow, actor, 58; Alan Hansen, Match of the Day soccer pundit, 52; Peter Scudamore, jockey, 49; Kathy Burke, actress, 43.


1645 The Parliamentarians defeated the Royalists at Naseby in the decisive battle of the English Civil War.

1839 First Henley Regatta.

1940 German troops entered Paris.

1982 The Falklands War ended with the surrender of troops at the Argentine garrison at Port Stanley.

Deaths: Max Weber, sociologist and economist, 1920; Emmeline Pankhurst, women's rights campaigner, 1928; GK Chesterton, author, 1936; John Logie Baird, television pioneer, 1946; Dame Peggy Ashcroft, actress, 1991; Henry Mancini, composer, 1994.

Today's birthdays: Donald Trump, tycoon, 61; Paul O'Grady (Lily Savage), comedian, 52; Boy George, singer-songwriter, 46; Steffi Graf, ex-Wimbledon champion, 38.