Friday June 6 1936 Gatwick Airport opened. 1944 Allied troops landed in Normandy at the start of D-Day operations. 1968 US Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy died after being shot while campaigning. Births: Robert Fa


June 6 - June 12

Friday June 6

1936 Gatwick Airport opened.

1944 Allied troops landed in Normandy at the start of D-Day operations.

1968 US Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy died after being shot while campaigning.

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Births: Robert Falcon Scott, South Pole explorer, 1868; Arthur Askey, comedian, 1900.

Today's birthdays: Billie Whitelaw, actress, 76; David Blunkett, ex-Home Secretary, 61; Bjorn Borg, Wimbledon legend, 52; Mike Gatting, ex-England Test Cricket captain, 51.

Deaths: J Paul Getty, oil magnate, 1976; Anne Bancroft, actress, 2005.

Saturday June 7

1906 The Lusitania was launched in Glasgow.

1962 First showing of Steptoe and Son.

1963 First television appearance of the Rolling Stones, on Thank Your Lucky Stars.

1982 Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion opened to the public.

1995 Southend Pier was damaged in a blaze.

1989 Peter Shilton was awarded his 109th England cap.

1999 First tickets for the National Lottery went on sale.

Births: Richard Blackmore, author of Lorna Doone, 1825; Jessica Tandy, actress, 1909; Dean Martin, singer and actor, 1917.

Today's birthdays: James Ivory, director of Howards End and Room With a View, 80; Virginia McKenna, star of Born Free, 77; Liam Neeson, actor, 56; Damien Hirst, artist, 43; Anna Kournikova, Russian tennis star, 27.

Deaths: Jean Harlow, Hollywood actress, 1937; Dorothy Parker, author and critic, 1967; Dennis Potter, author of Pennies From Heaven and The Singing Detective, 1994.

Sunday June 8

1967 The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band went to number one in the charts and remained there for 27 weeks.

1999 MP Jonathan Aitken was jailed for 18 months for perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

1991 Libraries in Lincolnshire banned Billy Bunter books.

Births: Robert Schumann, German composer, 1810.

Today's birthdays: Ray Illingworth, ex-England Test cricket captain, 76; Nancy Sinatra, singer and daughter of Frank Sinatra, 68; Bonnie Tyler, singer-songwriter, 55; Mick Hucknall, singer-songwriter, 48.

Deaths: Andrew Jackson, US President, 1845; George Mallory, British mountaineer, 1924; Russell Hardy, chat show host, 1988.

Monday June 9

1920 George V opened the Imperial War Museum.

1975 First radio broadcast on proceedings from the House of Commons.

1988 Mike Gatting was sacked as England Test cricket captain.

Births: George Stephenson, inventor, 1781; Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, doctor, 1836; Cole Porter, composer, 1891.

Today's birthdays: Patricia Cornwell, crime novelist, 52; Michael J Fox, actor, 47; Johnny Depp, actor, 45.

Deaths: Charles Dickens, author, 1870; Lord Beaverbrook, owner of the Daily Express, 1964; Dame Sybil Thorndyke, actress, 1976.

Tuesday June 10

1829 First boat race between Oxford and Cambridge.

1967 The Six-Day War in the Middle East came to an end.

1983 The Conservatives gained a landslide victory in the General Election.

Births: Saul Bellow, author, 1915; Judy Garland, legendary singer, 1922; Robert Maxwell, owner of the Daily Mirror, 1923.

Today's birthdays: Elizabeth Hurley, actress, 43.

Deaths: Spencer Tracy, actor, 1967; Les Dawson, comedian, 1993; Brian Statham, England Test cricket pace bowler, 2000; Ray Charles, singer-songwriter, 2004.

Wednesday June 11

1952 England cricket hero Denis Compton scored his 100th century.

1959 The official launch of the Hovercraft, in Southampton.

1964 Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment for acts of sabotage.

Births: Ben Jonson, playwright, 1572; John Constable, painter, 1776; Richard Strauss, composer, 1864.

Today's birthdays: Gene Wilder, actor, 75; Jackie Stewart, ex-Formula 1 world champion, 69; Hugh Laurie, comedian, 49.

Deaths: John Wayne, Hollywood legend, 1979; Catherin Cookson, author, 1998.

Thursday June 12

1972 The Sound Broadcasting Act was passed leading to the provision of 21 new commercial radio stations.

1986 Derek Hatton, the deputy leader of Liverpool City Council, was expelled from the Labour Party for membership of Militant.

1987 Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister for the third time.

Births: Anthony Eden, British Prime Minister, 1897.

Today's birthdays: George Bush, ex-US President, 84; Pat Jennings, ex-Spurs and Arsenal soccer star, 63.

Deaths: Billy Butlin, holiday camp pioneer, 1980; Marie Rambert, creator of Ballet Rambert, 1982; Gregory Peck, actor, 2003.