Crow Anniversaries JUNE 22 – JUNE 28

FRIDAY JUNE 22 1907 The Northern Line opened on the London Underground. 1911 George V was crowned. 1941 Germany invaded the USSR. 1965 England cricket legend Fred Truman retired from Test cricket. 1995 John Major quit as leader of the Conservative


1907 The Northern Line opened on the London Underground.

1911 George V was crowned.

1941 Germany invaded the USSR.

1965 England cricket legend Fred Truman retired from Test cricket.

1995 John Major quit as leader of the Conservative Party causing a leadership battle.

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1999 The Bank of England launched a new-look £20 note.

Deaths: David O Selznick, producer of Gone With the Wind, 1965; Judy Garland, actress and singer, 1969; Fred Astaire, dancing legend, 1987; Benny Green, writer and broadcaster, 1998.

Today's birthdays: Prunella Scales, actress, 75; Kris Kristoggerson, singer-songwriter, 70. Esther Rantzen, television presenter, 67; Meryl Streep, actress, 58; Alan Osmond, one of The Osmonds, 58; Alistair Stewart, newsreader, 55; Cyndi Lauper, singer-songwriter, 54.


1775 First Henley Regatta held on the Thames.

1904 President Theodore Roosevelt was elected for a second term.

1966 The Beatles has their 10th consecutive UK No 1 with Paperback Writer.

1998 UN inspectors discovered traces of nerve gas in Iraqi missiles.

Deaths: Ray Lindwall, Australian Test cricketer, 1996; Maureen O'Sullivan, actress, 1998; Buster Merryfield, from Only Fools and Horses, 1999; Aaron Spelling, producer of Charlie's Angles and Dynasty, 2006.

Today's birthdays: Maggie Philbin, television presenter, 52; Colin Montgomerie, British Ryder Cup golfer, 44.


1509 Henry VIII crowned King.

1540 Henry VIII divorced Anne of Cleves.

1907 The Prince of Wales became president of the All England Tennis Club.

1971 The Queen opened the new Mersey Tunnel in Liverpool.

1981 The Queen opened the Humber Bridge in Hull.

Deaths: David Tomlinson, actor, 2000.

Today's birthdays: Mike Fleetwood, of Fleetwood Mac, 65; Jeff Beck, guitarist, 63.


1797 Admiral Nelson has his right arm amputated after being wounded in a battle near Santa Cruz.

1876 Gen George Custer's last stand took place at the Little Big Horn.

1950 The Korean War began.

1958 First edition of A Bear Called Paddington published.

1967 The Beatles performed All You Need is Love in a global television link-up to 40 million people.

1973 President Richard Nixon's counsel John Dean implicated in the Watergate cover-up.

1988 The Queen opened the new British Library at St Pancras.

Deaths: Tony Hancock, comedian, 1968; Jacques Cousteau, undersea explorer, 1997.

Today's birthdays: Carly Simon, singer-songwriter, 62; Ricky Gervais, comedian and creator of The Office, 46; George Michael, singer-songwriter, 44; Jamie Redknapp, ex-Liverpool soccer star, 34.


1906 First French Grand Prix, at Le Mans.

1909 Edward VII opened the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

1945 Delegates signed the World Security Charter which became the basis for the United Nations.

1959 Ingemar Johansson defeated Floyd Patterson to become world heavyweight boxing champion.

1979 Boxing legend Muhammed Ali announced his retirement from the ring.

Deaths: Gilbert White, naturalist, 1793; Veronica Guerin, Irish journalist, 1996; Charlie Chester, entertainer, 1997; Denis Thatcher, husband of Margaret Thatcher, 2003; Richard Whiteley, presenter of Countdown, 2005.

Today's birthdays: Georgie Fame, singer-songwriter, 64; Chris Issak, singer-songwriter, 51.


1929 First colour television image was transmitted at the Bell Laboratories in New York.

1962 A Government committee recommended the creation of a second television channel, BBC 2.

1964 The Rolling Stones appeared on Juke Box Jury.

1971 First national Scrabble championship, held in London.

Deaths: Cubby Broccoli, producer of James Bond movies, 1996; Jack Lemmon, actor, 2001; John Entwistle, of The Who, 2002; Robert Carrier, celebrity chef, 2006.

Today's birthdays: Ross Perot, US independent presidential candidate, 77; Michael Ball, singer, 45; Kevin Pietersen, England Test cricket batsman, 27.


1914 A Serbian student assassinated Archduke Francis Ferdinand and set in motion events leading to the outbreak of the First World War.

1930 Mick the Miller became the first dog to win the Greyhound Derby twice.

1950 England lost 1-0 to the United States in the World Cup.

1977 Elton John became chairman of Watford Football Club.

Deaths: Joan Sims, Carry On actress, 2001.

Today's birthdays: Mel Brooks, director of Blazing Saddles, 81; Sir Harold Evans, ex-editor of The Sunday Times and The Times, 79; Kathy Bates, actress, 59; Adam Woodyatt, from EastEnders, 39; Fabien Barthex, ex-Manchester United soccer star, 36.

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