Crow anniversaries July 27 – August 2

FRIDAY JULY 27 1953 The Korean War came to an end. 1956 Jim Laker became the first cricketer to take all 10 wickets in a Test match, against Australia. 1965 Edward Heath became leader of the Conservative Party. 1985 Steve Cram set a new mile record


1953 The Korean War came to an end.

1956 Jim Laker became the first cricketer to take all 10 wickets in a Test match, against Australia.

1965 Edward Heath became leader of the Conservative Party.

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1985 Steve Cram set a new mile record of 3min 46sec in Oslo.

1996 Steve Redgrave won his fourth successive Olympic gold medal.

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Deaths: William Wyler, Hollywood producer, 1981; James Mason, actor, Bob Hope, comedian, 2003.

Today's birthdays: Shirley Williams, ex-Labour minister who helped create the Social Democrat Party, 77; Bobby Gentry, country singer, 63; Alan Border, Australian Test cricketer, 52; Christopher Dean, ice skating partner of Jayne Torvill, 49.


1914 The Austro-Hungarian empire declared war on Serbia, beginning the First World War.

1945 A B-52 bomber plunged into the side of the Empire State Building in New York.

1966 The government published the Marine Broadcasting (Offences) Bill which outlawed pirate radio.

1984 The Los Angeles Olympic Games were boycotted by the USSR and other eastern Europe countries.

1988 Paddy Ashdown elected leader of the Liberal Democrats.

2005 The IRA ordered an end to its armed campaign.

Deaths: Antonio Vivaldi, composer, 1741; Johann Sebastian Back, composer, 1750.

Today's birthdays: Sir Garfield Sobers, West Indies cricket legend, 71; Ian McCaskill, weatherman, 69.


1588 The English fleet defeated the Spanish Armada.

1907 Robert Baden-Powell launched the Boy Scouts.

1945 The BBC launched the Light Programme.

1948 The Olympic Games opened in London.

1958 The National Aeronautical and Space Administration (Nasa) was set up.

1981 The Prince of Wales married Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul's Cathedral.

Deaths: Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch painter, 1890; Cass Elliott, of the Mamas and the Papas, 1974; Raymond Massey, actor, 1983; David Niven, actor, 1983.

Today's birthdays: Sally Gunnell, British Olympic gold medallist, 41; Fernando Alonso, Formula 1 racing driver, 26.


1933 Britain won the Davis Cup.

1935 First Penguin paperback books went on sale.

1963 British Soviet agent Kim Philby escaped to the USSR.

1966 England won the World Cup after defeating West Germany 4-2 at Wembley.

1998 Derek Bentley had his conviction for murder quashed - 45 years after being hanged.

Deaths: Otto von Bismark, German politician, 1898; Claudette Colbert, actress, 1996.


1954 An Italian expedition climbed Mount Godwin-Austin (K2) in the Himalayas.

1964 First close-up pictures of the moon sent to earth from the US satellite Ranger 7.

1965 Cigarette advertising was banned on British television.

1991 The BBC's Lime Grove studios closed.

Deaths: Hedley Verity, England Test cricketer, 1943; Jim Reeves, country singer, 1964; Caitlin Thomas, widow of Dylan Thomas, 1994.

Today's birthdays: Evonne Googlagong-Cawley, Wimbleson ladies singles champion, 56; Wesley Snipes, actor, 45, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), musician, 44; Jim Corr, one of The Corrs, 42.


1914 Germany declared war on Russia.

1918 The Morris Minor was launched.

1936 The Olympic Games opened in Berlin.

1963 First edition of Beatles Monthly published.

1987 Mike Tyson became undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion.

1988 Anglican bishops voted for the ordination of women.

Today's birthdays: Sam Mendes, director of American Beauty, 42.


1948 The Un-American Activities Committee began its hearings into Communist involvement in the US government.

1957 The Elvis Presley Fan Club of Gt Britain was set up

1967 The £8 million Dartford Tunnel opened under the River Thames.

1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait leading to the Gulf War.

Deaths: Thomas Gainsborough, English painter, 1788; Enrico Caruso, opera singer, 1921; Alexander Graham Bell, inventor, 1922; Warren G Harding, US President, 1923; William Burroughs, author, 1977.

Today's birthdays: Alan Whicker, broadcaster, 82; Peter O'Toole, actor, 75.

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