Crow Anniversaries August 10-16

FRIDAY AUGUST 10 1895 First Proms concert, at the Queen s Hall, London. 1914 Olympic in Kensington was converted into a concentration camp for Germans in Britain. 1961 Britain applied to become a member of the European Economic Community (EEC). Deaths:


1895 First Proms concert, at the Queen's Hall, London.

1914 Olympic in Kensington was converted into a concentration camp for Germans in Britain.

1961 Britain applied to become a member of the European Economic Community (EEC).

Deaths: Jennifer Paterson, one of the Two Fat Ladies, 1999.

Today's birthdays: Ronnie Spector, once of The Ronettes, 64; Rosanna Arquette, actress, 48; Antonio Banderas, actor, 47; Charlie Dimmock, television gardener, 41; Roy Keane, ex-Manchester United star and Sunerland manager, 36.

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1942 Waterloo Bridge opened in London.

1968 The Beatles launched their own Apple label.

1971 Ted Heath led Britain to success in the Admiral's Cup.

1972 The last US combat unit was withdrawn from Vietnam.

1977 Test cricketer Geoff Boycott scored his 100th century.

2000 The Russian nuclear submarine Kursk crashed on the seabed of the Barents Sea.

Deaths: Andrew Carnegie, American industrialist and philanthropist, 1919; Jackson Pollock, artist, 1956; Peter Cushing, horror movie actor, 1994.

Today's birthdays: Anna Massey, actress, 70.


1908 First Model T Ford left the production line.

1966 The Beatles began their last tour in Chicago.

1969 British government took responsibility for security in Northern Ireland.

1981 IBM introduced the personal computer.

Deaths: William Blake, English poet, 1827; George Stephenson, engineer, 1848; Thomas Mann, German novelist, 1955; Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, 1964; Henry Fonda, actor, 1982.

Today's birthdays:0 George Hamilton, actor, 68; Mark Knopfler, of Dire Strairs, 58; Simon Groom, ex-Blue Peter presenter, 57; Pete Sampras, ex- tennis champion, 36.


1918 The British government recognised the new state of Czechoslovakia.

1927 First Proms broadcast from the Queen's Hall.

1966 The Cultural Revolution began in China with a mass rally in Peking.

Deaths: Florence Nightingale, English nurse, 1910; HG Wells, novelist and writer, 1946; Jimmy Knapp, union leader, 2001.


1908 First international beauty contest took place, at the Pier Hippodrome in Folkestone.

1947 British rule came to an end in India.

1948 Australian legend Don Bradman retired after his last Test match at The Oval.

1953 The Soviet Union announced it had tested a hydrogen bomb.

1989 South African president PW Botha resigned and was succeeded by FW de Klerk.

1989 The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad was disbanded after claims of corruption.

2005 Paula Radcliffe won the women's marathon at the world championships in Helsinki.

Deaths: Alfred Harmsworth (Lord Northcliffe), creator of the Daily Mirror and Daily Mail, 1922; William Randolph Hearst, US newspaper tycoon, 1951; Bertotl Brecht, writer and playwright, 1956; JB Priestley, writer and novelist, 1984; Enzo Ferrari, car manufacturer, 1988.

Today's birthdays: David Crosby, singer-songwriter, 66; Steve Martin, actor, 62; Danielle Steele, romantic novelist, 60; Gillian Taylforth, from EastEnders, 52; Sarah Brightman, soprano, 47; Halle Berry, actress, 41.


1620 The Mayflower set sail for the New World.

1914 The Panama Canal opened.

1945 The war in the Pacific came to an end.

1951 Dartmoor was designated a National Park.

1967 The Marine Broadcasting Act became legislation and outlawed pirate radio stations.

1969 The Woodstock Music and Arts Fair began.

Deaths: Macbeth, King of Scotland, 1057.

Today's birthdays: Oscar Peterson, jazz legend, 82; Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, 57; Ben Affleck, actor, 35.


1897 The Tate Gallery was opened in London.

1925 Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush opened in the United States.

1960 British rule came to an end in Cyprus when it was declared a republic.

1992 Grand Prix racing driver Nigel Mansell became Formula 1 world champion.

2004 Floods devastated the North Cornwall village of Boscastle.

Deaths: Babe Ruth, American baseball legend, 1948; Elvis Presley, the King of rock-and-roll, 1977; Stewart Granger, actor, 1993.

Today's birthdays: Sir Trevor McDonald, ITN newscaster, 68; David Dickinson, presenter of Bargain Hunt, 66; Jeff Thomson, ex-Australian Test cricket pace bowler, 57; George Galloway, controversial rebel MP, 53; James Cameron, director of Titanic, 53; Madonna, singer-songwriter, 49; Ulrika Jonsson, television presenter, 40.