Anti-social behaviour is a 'nightly ritual'

FURTHER to Andrew Mulcock s letter (Postbag, March 6) in response to The Crow report Council claims take-away kebab van causes anti-social behaviour (February 28), below are a few thoughts from someone who has to put up with the regular anti-so


FURTHER to Andrew Mulcock's letter (Postbag, March 6) in response to The Crow report "Council claims take-away kebab van causes anti-social behaviour" (February 28), below are a few thoughts from someone who has to put up with the regular anti-social behaviour in the car park.

Firstly, I'd just like to point out that as far as I know, Melbourn Parish Council's decision to ask South Cambridgeshire District Council to take into account the influence of the kebab van on anti-social behaviour in the village car park when considering the renewal of the kebab van's licence was due to pressure from local residents.

It was not due to the parish council wanting to purchase the car park.

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The parish council already has an agreement with the district council that if it does go ahead with its plans to build the new parish office/library/community building on the car park then it can purchase the land, and so will have control over who can trade there.

As a resident of the High Street, I am all too aware of the kebab van nightly ritual, and the regular antisocial behaviour (loud music, engines revving, dangerous driving, wheelspins, vandalism, tooting horns, shouting, litter) that this brings.

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The problem is by no means entirely due to the kebab van: a large open space in the centre of the village, with convenient parking, is always going to be a gathering point, but it certainly exacerbates the problem.

As evidence, I would point out that on Sunday evenings, for which the kebab van does not have a licence to trade in the car park, the area is much quieter and we have far fewer problems.

The car park is a known anti-social blackspot, and various groups (including the police, parish council, district council and Neighbourhood Watch) are currently working together to try and solve the problem.

I am very surprised that a licence was approved for the kebab van to trade there in the first place.

I'm all in favour of encouraging small businesses, but this one is just in the wrong place.


High Street


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