Crow review of the year: July-September

Samantha Mawditt with her daughter Olivia Long, with Samantha's Lamboghini which youths climbed on and jumped up and down on whilst Samantha was waiting to pick up her daughter Olivia Samantha Mawditt with her daughter Olivia Long, with Samantha's Lamboghini which youths climbed on and jumped up and down on whilst Samantha was waiting to pick up her daughter Olivia

Friday, December 27, 2013
7:55 AM

Part three of our 2013 review

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It was revealed that up to 2,000 Libyan soldiers would be trained at the vacant Bassingbourn barracks site.

The troops are set for a ten-week stay at the barracks in the new year after an agreement was draw up between Britain and the other G8 nations.

The barracks had been empty since the army left the site in March, with many community groups forced to leave their premises because the Ministry of Defence would not allow access to the site.

Bassingbourn resident Des Downey, a committee member at Bassingbourn Golf Club, which was forced to leave its course on the barracks, said: “The golf club felt that the intransigence of the MoD was hiding a project such as this.

“They refused very reasonable proposals from the clubs to manage access, health and safety, and security.

We haven’t been told what’s happening, there’s been no consultation yet again.”

Also in the news:

- The Royston Rockets BMX club opened their new track and ramps at their base near Burns Road in the town.

- Plans for a 70-acre solar farm at Highfield Farm, between Royston and Bassingbourn, were unveiled.


A woman described how a man, cheered on by a crowd of people, jumped up and down on her £170,000 sports car.

Samantha Mawditt was waiting outside SG8 night club in Royston in her Lamborghini Spyder Gallardo, where he daughter works, when the incident occurred.

She said: “I heard this chanting and clapping starting, and the next thing I knew a man was on the back of my car jumping up and down.

“There must have been 75 people standing around, cheering, and filming it on their mobile phones. It was frightening, I didn’t dare get out of my car because there were so many of them.

“People work hard for their cars, whether it’s a Ford Fiesta or a Lamborghini, and they shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of thing.”

Also in the news:

- A driver suffered serious injuries when his pub ploughed into the Fox and Hounds pub in Barley High Street, destroying the pub’s kitchen and play-room.

- Planning permission was granted for 124 homes on land north of Royston, adjacent to Burns Road, despite opposition from residents.


Fowlmere-based charity Tom’s Trust helped launched a pioneering new service for children with brain tumours.

The trust was one of three organisations involved in setting up Brainbow, a rehabilitation service at Addenbrooke’s Hospital which will help provide a holistic approach to treatment of brain tumours.

Tom’s Trust was set up in memory of Tom Whiteley, who died from a brain tumour in 2010 at the age of nine.

Deborah Whiteley, Tom’s mum, said: “Everyone at Tom’s Trust has worked tirelessly to achieve this wonderful goal.

“We are incredibly proud to be part of the charitable partnership Brainbow. By coming together we will be able to make such a difference for children with brain tumours and their families.”

Also in the news:

- Royston Town Council decided to consider a £275,000 bid for Market Hill, the land on which Royston market is held. It currently leases the site.

- Barrington quarry owners Cemex announced the site could be redeveloped for a housing scheme comprising 250-300 homes.





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