Car club to meet despite police safety fears

13:02 14 June 2012

Royston Modified has been told it can no longer meet in Royston Industrial Estate

Royston Modified has been told it can no longer meet in Royston Industrial Estate


A CAR club will continue to meet in Royston Industrial Estate despite police safety fears.

Royston Modified regularly hold meets attended by hundreds of people but companies on the industrial estate complained about rubbish, damage and the lack of toilet facilities.

Following a meeting with the representatives from the group in which officers from Hertfordshire Constabulary expressed their safety fears, it was thought the enthusiasts would move to a new location.

The police released a statement which said: “The group were very receptive to what we had to say and have informed us they will no longer be congregating in the area.”

But club organisers have since said they will restrict rallies to once a month and will work with businesses in a bid to minimise disruption to their trade.

Club member Darren Bull said: “We are just trying to talk to all the companies who are not happy about it. It is not as if we are being defiant and are carrying on going down there after people have told us to stop.

“I have said to the police I will work with them and if someone goes down there and does doughnuts (a manouevre which involves locking up the wheels and spinning) we will take their details and pass it on to them.

“We just want people to park up and mingle and have a good time.”

A police spokesman said the club must stop meeting in the industrial estate and that a meeting between the two parties would take place in the coming days.

The spokesman said: “The meetings can’t continue for health and safety reasons. And it is a nuisance.”

An anonymous trader previously told the Crow he feared for his business’s reputation and the safety of his workers and their property.

The man who did not want to be named said: “We feel as a business that someone should be doing something about it we pay a lot of money to be down here in rates and to Royston First. I have spoken to other businesses who feel the same.

“It has got to the point where we don’t know what we are going to come in to.

“It’s only going to damage Royston Industrial Estate. It’s not going to be anything that will benefit it in any way.”

He also showed the Crow pictures taken at the meetings which showed cars wheel spinning with plumes of smoke pouring from the vehicles.

Residents living near the industrial estate around Orchard Road had also taken issue with the meetings with a man who wished to remain nameless also hitting out at the club, claiming the noise was disturbing their peace.

He said: “It is no fun trying to have a nice quiet evening in and listening to those cars motoring by.”

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  • ok firstly, rubbish, this issue is being dealt with and has been from day 1!! rubbish from the meets is collected after every event, (even rubbish left by ind est workers) we did not tell police we would not be using the ind est anymore we said we'd try to find a new location but it takes time, health and safety reasons?? what are they exactly, 90% ofthe units are closed on a sunday night, 1 of them told us they do the occasional stock take and we have agreed not to park there so they can get in and out! and before shouting health and safety at us try sorting out the issues you have with broken glass smashed car windows, disgarded pieces of sharp metal, nails screws etc that are there on a daily basis! as for the 'anonymous trader' tell us who u r and we will work with you also to tackle any issues you may have, same as we have with some of the other units down there, if we dont know who you are we cannot contact you? its nothing that will benefit in any way? we have held a few charity events to raise money for local charities or have you forgotten this? as for disturbing your peace, i know many people who live on the ind est and always comment on how they never hear us, stop listening out for noise and u wont hear it!! the one time we did come through orchard road end of the ind est it was only because the POLICE had told us to try a new location and thats where we were going! our members use the york way enterance as there are no speed bumps to manouver low cars over. i notice nobody complains about the lack of policing on the ind est when they write about the regular breakins in the papers? have any of you noticed how u all think were a bunch of trouble makers but we have caused no vandalism issues or broken in to any of your properties??? people who attend these meets from all over use royston shops and facilities which surely brings more money in to the town? but i guess none of you see that either! theres many more important issues in royston that need tackling so why not write in everyweek and complain about them instead?

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    Sharon Bavister

    Friday, June 15, 2012

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